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Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylalgia) - Part 1 Who is at risk

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylalgia) – Part 1: Who is at risk?

Confused that you have tennis elbow, when you don’t even play tennis? You’re not alone! Tennis elbow can happen to anyone whether you play tennis or not. Although it is named after a tennis injury, anyone who overuses their wrists and arms can develop tennis elbow. Several occupations can be prone to developing this problem.

Our physiotherapists commonly treat the following people for tennis elbow:
– Hairdressers
– Plumbers
– Painters
– Electricians
– Office workers
– Gym/exercise enthusiasts
– Chefs
– Parents
– Support workers
– Cleaners
– Truck drivers

Tennis elbow pain and weakness is due to inflammation and/ or microtears in the tendons on the outside of the elbow. It is caused by overuse of the forearm muscles that attach to the outside of the elbow and are responsible for extension movements of the wrist and hand.

The repetitive nature of the above-mentioned jobs unfortunately can cause pain or weakness in the arm that can make life unpleasant. Everyday activities such as holding a coffee cup, turning a doorknob, or shaking hands can be difficult. 

Even mild pain is a sign that something is amiss and needs to be addressed. If you’re experiencing elbow pain, no matter the level of severity, it is important to see a trained professional to have it evaluated. Our physiotherapists utilise many proven techniques to help reduce elbow pain and keep it away! 

If you are experiencing elbow pain, give Physiotherapy West a call on 9456 5553 today. 

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